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About Us

Our customers are always the first priority.

Our mission is to give them a quality and precision that honour architectural visions, to deliver exceptional work and magnificent client service.

Astern Group

Safety Always


We are trained and competent to look after our environment, our workmates and ourselves, to ensure we all safely return to family and friends.


Proactive & Passionate


Our team works together, are passionate about the business, are bold and encouraged to act, and take pride in what they do.


Delivering Customer Excellence


We Build strong relationships with our customers by providing a reliable service of the highest quality


Innovation & Continuous Improvement


We lead change to meet the needs of an evolving market and seek to improve what we do every day.


Astern Group have contributed to Victoria's sustainable growth and we are proud of quality work done by us. We have completed projects in the Metro Tunnel, Westgate Tunnel, Level Crossing Removal, Water Treatment Plants and Fishways. We are specialists in the field of FRP with our broad range of skilled personnel and have a proven record of consistency and getting the job done on time, if not before and on budget. 


We have more than 100 years of collective experience in our team and we have more than exceptional experience in following scopes;

  • Road and Bridge Construction 

  • Bridges, Piers and Abutments 

  • Pipeline Installation (including HDPE, Concrete and Steel) 

  • Construction of Pavement and Kerbs 

  • Retaining Walls and Capping Beams


We strive to exceed the highest standard of Quality on our projects. We achieve this by creating a Quality Culture within our Business Hub which is delivered to our project teams with guidance and assistance from highly skilled Management team, with a proper process in place  with annual audits.


Health, Safety & Environmental 

Astern Group currently hold CCF Accreditation and are focused on enforcing our HSEQ standards throughout our work sites,

  • Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) are the most important aspects of our everyday tasks. At Astern Group, we ensure our HSE policies and procedures are current and relevant on every project. Every HSE incident is recorded and tracked. Real action is taken to ensure they do not re-occur. 

  • Given that Safety is our highest priority, we continue to train and provide assistance for our employees as it is our commitment to make sure that everyone goes home Safe at the end of each day. 

  • Our HSE team has hands on presence amongst our construction sites, conducting regular inspections and making recommendations to not only ensure that each site is operating in line with the Contracting Policies and Procedures, but that these procedures are continually monitored and improved.  

Construction Project
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