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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Construction from start to end

Commercial Construction

We bring extensive experience delivering projects across a vast number of sectors of the commercial construction industry. Shopping centres, sports facilities and airports to all other commercial construction.


Structural Concrete works

All structural concrete FRP works for major infrastructure projects across Victoria. We have completed projects in West Gate Tunnel, Coburg Station Level Crossing Removal, Reedy Lake,  Metro Tunnel Edmund Herring Oval-Domain Station,  Laverton Asphalt Plant, Metro Tunnel – Western Portal, Metro Tunnel-St Kilda Road.

Site Management

Astern Group's in-house engineers lead effective site and quality management. We ensure smooth project execution through expert site coordination and uphold superior quality standards with meticulous inspections. Our Engineers commitment guarantees projects of excellence, reflecting precision and innovation.

Special Projects

The Astern Group is a leader in construction innovation, excelling in precast concrete and special projects like water treatment plants. Our precision precast elements redefine construction speed and quality. Through bespoke approaches, we tackle diverse projects, from architectural marvels to large-scale infrastructure, all driven by client satisfaction. The Astern Group embodies innovation and excellence in construction

Hardscape and pavement Construction

Astern Group excels in intricate hardscape projects, revitalizing urban spaces with creativity and functionality. Their portfolio showcases expertise in transforming city squares into vibrant hubs and seamlessly integrating hardscapes with natural environments. Meticulous attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality characterize their approach. Astern Group's hardscape ventures are a testament to their dedication to excellence and innovation.

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